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Warranty Offered by Lighthouse Car Centre

You have selected your vehicle with care. Now we give it and you the after-care you really deserve with a quality warranty provided by Lighthouse Car Centre.

Lighthouse Car Centre helps cover the cost of repairing major mechanical and electrical systems in the event of a failure.

Whatever vehicle you purchased, no one can guarantee 100% reliability.

That's why the Lighthouse Car Centre makes so much sense.

Its vital back-up that can quickly get you and your vehicle back on the road, even if major components breakdown you can rest assured you're in good hands. If your vehicle has a problem not only will we handle your claim personally but we will resolve it quickly and efficiently and perhaps most importantly of all fairly.

Cover for both parts and labour on the following

1) Ring Lighthouse Car Centre to make a claim.

2) Lighthouse car centre will then ask you to book the vehicle into your local garage, repair centre.

3) If the local garage cannot fix the problem ring Lighthouse car centre and they will authorise you to book the vehicle into a main dealer.

4) Either the local garage or main dealer will then ring lighthouse car centre with an invoice and Lighthouse Car Centre will pay the full amount.

5)  You will then receive a phone call from Lighthouse Car Centre to say the problem is fixed and you can come pick your car up.

6) If this was an insurance policy, you have to pay the diagnostics charge, NOT at Lighthouse Car Centre, we cover all costs.

7) We treat cars like humans, if you have a problem you go to the doctors (Local Garage) if they cannot find the problem you go to see a specialist (Main Dealer). Lighthouse Car Centre thinks this is the fairest and easiest way of protecting you the customer all over the UK.

Some Of Our Happy Customers

  • Thank you for your help recently when the clutch on the Landrover Freelander we purchased from you needed an expensive new clutch just outside of the warranty period... your offer to organise the clutch replacement and make a substantial payment towards the cost when you had no legal obligation to d...


  • We were really happy with our experience,the staff were very helpful and made us feel they genuinely wanted to find us a car we would be happy with. We wouldn't hesitate to go there again if we needed another car.


  • Honest, pleasant and simple no hassle process. The car was very clean and they provided a new MOT with 3 months warranty. Very happy with my experience with the Lighthouse Car Centre


  • I was treated with courtesy, my budget was taken in consideration when showing me different vehicles. I was helped in the office with sorting out all the documentation relating to car tax, MOT, and so on. This is the second time I have used the Lighthouse Car Centre. The first time was 7 years ago, ...


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